Let's Make "Scents" of Things!!

Let's Make "Scents" of Things!!

We can all get overwhelmed when we go to a store to smell all the different fragrances.  It's even harder when you are ordering online and you don't have a clue of what it could possibly smell like. So in this section, I have compiled all of the fragrances and a brief description of what each smells like.  Hopefully it will help you have a good "sense" of what it will smell like in your home!! 

Below you will find the fragrances that are available.  We will let you know when new fragrances are added to the line.  On the other hand, if there is a special request, feel free to reach out.  Hopefully it will give you a realization of the scent!                                                                                                                               

Amber and Driftwood (New)Amber and Driftwood is a warm, earthy blend of sandalwood and musk. Top notes of airy ozone and a hint of citrus open up to a sandalwood core that’s smoothed out with lightly sweet benzoin. Resinous amber and cedar blend with dark musk and a touch of powder for a rich woodiness in the base. This fragrance is beautiful as an “everyday” scent in candles, melts, and reed diffusers, and is also a great scent to blend with other fragrances. In handmade soap and other body care products, Amber and Driftwood adds a soft but luxurious touch. 

Nag Champa (New) - Nag Champa is an Indian fragrance popular in incense (for those of you who didn't come of age in the 60s and 70s). It has woody notes similar to patchouli, with touches of musk, amber, and vanilla. If you haven't smelled it before, you have to try it. If you know it, we think you'll love this rendition.

Patchouli (New) - Generally associated with the flower child era of the 1960s, Patchouli is making a comeback! The fragrance begins with rich spice notes of ginger, cinnamon, and clove that give way to a strong core of patchouli with traces of jasmine. Warm, woody base notes of oud, amber, and even more patchouli add to this earthy, nostalgic scent.  Great for candles, Reed Diffusers, and melts.

Hemp (New) - This conversation starting fragrance is one of our most highly-requested scents over the years, our Hemp fragrance oil is a realistic take on a cannabis fragrance. Distinctive and authentic, this scent has a pleasing, earthy aroma that appeals to both niche audiences and wider markets. Hemp opens with bright top notes of lemon and lime. A heart of green leaves and true-to-life hemp makes up the bulk of this scent, while notes of vetiver and patchouli in the base wrap things up.

Be sure to check out the each of the other categories for more frangrances and their descriptions.



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